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Just after World War 2, in a small village called Picinicso, Mario Arcari was born. Picinicso is a small village in the province of Frosinone in the region of Lazio. The territory is included in Abruzzo National Park, one of the oldest in Italy.

Picinicso is surrounded by mountains and like most other villagers Mario Arcari’s family worked the land to give them living. Being between Rome and Naples Picinicso was destroyed badly like many villages during the war so many people left and travelled all over the world seeking a better life.

October 1958: Mario Arcari arrived in Scotland. Not having many skills and poor English he struggled to get work but with determination and hard work he got a job in Dumfries in a monastery. He watched and learned fast, always dreaming that one day he would open his own business.

In Glasgow at this time there was a tight Italian community who would often meet at an Italian club in Park Circus. Mario met and then married Annuziata, who was also of Italian origin. Together they worked hard and opened their first fish and chip shop in Polmadie Road, Glasgow. They went on to open shops in Queen Elizabeth Square, Castlemilk, Hamilton, Croftfoot, Crookston, Bishopbriggs and Scotstoun. Mario and Annuziata had fulfilled their dream.

Mario and Annuziata were blessed with 6 childrenAntonio, Iolanda, Marco, Adelina, Rocco and Marisa. They always hoped that their children would continue the family business, so from a young age taught them all the skills they would need to run their own businesses.

Antonio and Marco were to be the ones who would take over the businesses and then take them to a new level. Opening first “La Vita” in Bishopbriggs and the “La Vita” in George Square, La Vita Spuntini located in the West End, Byres Road and La Vita Piccolino E Vino in Newton Mearns. Sadly, Antonio will not see this one as he was involved in a fatal car accident. He was the best brother and son anyone could ask for and he will be sorely missed by all his family. His legacy will live on through the businesses.

The next generation is growing fast. Mario (Marco’s son), works with his father now and has started to try and enhance the business with ideas of his own. Together they plan to expand the business and continue their creativity and innovation within Italian cuisine.

We have always prided ourselves on bringing you the best within the finest surrounding and it is our intention at all times to provide a quality service. However if you feel that you have not been satisfactorily attended to please contact me and I will endeavour to rectify your complaint.

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