The latest COVID-19 protocol and measures in place across all La Vita restaurants

We wanted to take the time to reassure you and remind you of the current COVID-19 measures in place at our restaurants. The health and safety of La Vita’s team and guests is our top priority and we have taken stringent measures in order to maintain their safety when in our restaurants.

Please take a moment to read over this protocol before visiting:

Before Entering The Restaurant

First and foremost, if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 we ask that you call the restaurant and cancel your booking for the time being. We would love to welcome you when you are feeling better.


We have always prided ourselves on excellent hygiene within our restaurants and have introduced increased cleaning procedures. This is in order to minimise any risk of infection.


At the entrance lobby of each restaurant there will be a temperature monitoring station. This will take guests’ body temperature and allow access if below 37.8 degrees. Access will be denied if above this temperature. This does not guarantee that a person does not have COVID-19 but should give reassurance that no other guests or staff members have symptoms.


Test and Protect details are taken at the time of booking for all reservations. All walk in guests will be asked to fill out a Test and Protect form before being served.

Inside The Restaurant

Once granted access from the temperature monitor we ask that you use the hand sanitiser located at the entrance BEFORE entering the restaurant. There are additional hand sanitiser dispensers located around each restaurant. We encourage our guests to use these at their discretion.


All of our front of house staff will be wearing face coverings. It is mandatory for all guests to wear a face covering whilst moving around in the restaurant. All guests are to arrive with a face covering and wear this when entering and exiting the restaurant. Masks must also be worn while moving around the restaurant to use the toilet facilities. They can be taken off whilst seated at your table.


We ask guests that whilst entering, exiting and moving around the restaurant to use toilet facilities to also respect social distancing from other guests.


We respectfully ask that you act responsibly and follow this guidance.


All guests will be offered a menu from their waiter. If you would prefer a digital menu, you can join our free guest WiFi and it will direct you straight to our menu page.

We hope these COVID-19 measures reassure you when visiting any of our restaurants. The team would like to thank you all for your continued support throughout this time. 
We look forward to welcoming you back soon.

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